17 Conditions I Want That Will Create an Emotional Connection

create an emotional connection

Following are 17 conditions that should be met in order to create a strong, unbreakable, emotional connection with your spouse or lover.

1. I want to have respect, and not insult or speak sarcastically when I feel anger towards my spouse.

2. I want to express my anger truthfully and respectfully.

3. I want to act like an adult, not a child, when I’m upset.

4. I want to listen carefully to my partner’s point of view when we disagree.

5. I want to avoid pushing my spouse’s buttons.

6. I want to apologize if I’ve blown it.

7. I want to admit my mistakes and apologize for negative consequences.

8. I want to honor my spouse and not patronize.

9. I want us to resolve problems quickly and easily and learn from them.

10. I want to value my relationship more than my need to be right.

11. I want to do everything to contribute to our relationship success.

12. I want to trust my partner in doing his/her best to succeed.

13. I want to support and encourage my partner to reach his/her goals.

14. I want to find satisfaction in making his/her life easier and more enjoyable.

15. I want to be able to collaborate when it’s important, not compete.

16. I want to be comfortable with how our common interests fit.

17. I want to have a balance between being close and independent.

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