You Really are Normal!

I often reflect: What is about what I do that people find so liberating and helpful?

Here’s what I think it is: I help those suffering from marriage crisis (or any crisis, really) to feel normal; they are not defective and nothing in essence is wrong with them.

To regain your self-esteem and good feelings about self, knowing that that is a true reality, is HUGE!

As a matter of fact, you don’t know how HUGE it is until you lose it. Right?

Ok. So how does that happen? How can YOU get to that point of feeling “normal” again?

Over the past 3 decades I’ve received a ton of feedback that has enabled me to grow professionally and personally. It also has been dispensable in providing lessons and modules that I KNOW will work. (Disclaimer: I would say 80-90% find it helpful. The rest need someone else. I can’t be all things to all people.)

Feedback I receive from “Break Free From the Affair” lets me know that you value the 7 types of affairs and you value understanding the misguided motives of your partner or spouse.

You respect, value and need solid reputable, insightful knowledge coming from someone who has done the research, study and clinical practice and has stuck with it over a period of time. It also helps that I’ve experienced and “worked through” my own relationship crisis.

Here are Key Points to change and moving toward feeling OK and “normal.

1 Change is not all that difficult. In reality, change is a constant – happening ALL the time. You merely want to guide it.

2 Change comes from inside and works its way out.

3 Just noticing often triggers an avalanche of change and results.

4 Seeing a checklist of polar differences offers hope and relief.

5 Knowing you can make shifts, and choose the ones you want to make, moves you out of the “stuck” victim mentality.

Glad you are here.

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