Break Free From the Affair Ebook

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A step by step Guide to create YOUR Recovery Plan

Discover the 5 Levels to Affair Recovery

Level 1: Get on the Right Recovery Path
– Save Heartache and Time

You are at a Tipping Point

You are at a tipping point and you don’t want to make a mistake: any mistake at this point could be catastrophic.

Recovery from infidelity starts with committing to a path of learning- learning as much as you can about infidelity from a credible source.

You must get past the misunderstandings, myths and misconceptions about infidelity.

Start on the RIGHT Path

You must get started on the right path or risk losing your marriage, dreams and spouse forever.

The First Level of the Infidelity Recovery Center (the FREE Introductory Level (1)) places you on a path that offers your best hope for turning the affair around quickly and beginning the recovery process.

Level 2: Get Fast Relief, Quick Results

48 Hour Infidelity
Boot Camp
Gets Relief
and Quick Results

Level 2 of the Infidelity Recovery Center, the “48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp” is designed with immediate Relief and Results in mind.

I give you a 48 hour plan that dramatically alters the direction of the affair.

Remember, you are at a tipping point. You need the resources to insure that you move in the right direction. No floundering. No shooting yourself in the foot.

There at Two KEY Components to the
48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp.

1. You must stop doing what doesn’t work. Just stop it. The 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp exposes you to the 6 Killer Mistakes.

I frequently hear, “At first I made all the mistakes. But when I stopped, huge changes took place.”

It will be crystal clear what you must NOT do. And, because you are highly motivated, it will be easy, within 48 hours to stop that behavior. (BTW, your spouse will be surprised and curious.)

2. The problem is your thinking. Can you get your mind off infidelity thoughts? Probably not. They are persistent. They are painful and they will not go away – on their own!

In the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp I show you how to segment your time; how to create a space to breath, so you recharge your emotional strength to battle the affair.

For 48 Hours you move from “Infidelity Thinking” to what I call “Boot Camp Thinking,” a racially new way to train your mind to think what it must to turn the affair around.

Level 3: Discover that the Affair is

Problem – What You were
Taught about Infidelity
is Emotionally Killing You

You were taught that infidelity is about “love:” about falling ‘out of love’ with you and ‘falling in love’ with another person.


Infidelity has absolutely nothing to do with love. (Affairs, in reality, are relationships of emotional distance, NOT intimacy.) You will learn why.

It’s pounded into you that infidelity means there is something wrong with the marriage; there wasn’t enough of something in the marriage and so your spouse found a better relationship.


Your marriage didn’t make your spouse have an affair.

Learn WHY Your Spouse CHOSE to Have an Affair

I can comfort you by stating emphatically that your spouse chose to have the affair long before they met you.

Level 3 of the Infidelity Recovery Center guides you through modules that focus on the basics of Affair Recovery (the name of Level 3.)

You must understand the dynamics of infidelity.

Level 4: Take Proven Powerful Purposeful ACTION

Acting and Thinking with Purpose and Power

I discovered that once my clients felt relief, had success and began to think of themselves, their marriage, the affair and their spouse differently, they were able to take effective action.

They moved from the reactive helpless mode to acting with purpose and power.

Level 4 – the Advanced Recovery Level – moves you in that direction.

There is a middle ground between the Kick ‘em out syndrome and the doormatish helplessness.

You can find kind and considerate but extremely forceful words to use that will get their attention, that will create movement, that will move you and the affair process off dead center.

You do have power. You can influence.

You need not be afraid, confused or unsure.

Discover the Holes in Your Cheating Spouse,
Fill Your Emotional Tank

The Advanced Recovery Level (4) of the Infidelity Recovery Center deepen your understanding and resolve.

The more you learn about infidelity; the more you learn about the holes in your cheating spouse and the more you fill your emotional tank, the more quickly, powerfully and effectively will you address the infidelity process.

In the Advanced Recovery Level you find:

  • In-depth study of the 7 types of affairs… making your rock solid certain you are on the right path
  • a tool to explore personal needs, contributing factors in most types of affairs content on..
  • Information on sexual addiction, emotional abuse and sex
  • When a marriage is most vulnerable to infidelity
  • 10 questions you should be asking about infidelity
  • 10 questions most ask about infidelity
  • Should you spy?
  • Should you confront the other person?
  • Live one on one coaching audios
  • and more… much more…

Included in the Advanced Affair Recovery Level are resources proven most helpful.

One day you may find your cheating spouse at the doorstep or on their knees, with tears in their eyes, pleading, “I’m sorry. I made a huge mistake. I was totally wrong and want YOU.”

Level 5: Accelerate the Healing, Build Trust
– The Coaching Level

Finding the Wisdom and Support You Need

What foundation do you need to build so that MISTRUST fades into the distant past?

One-on-one coaching with me, along with:

  • mastering Levels 1-4
  • quickens the resolution
  • gives you a radically different way of thinking about love, marriage and infidelity
  • creates a deep and abiding trust that this will NEVER happen again

Having this solid knowledge is invaluable.

I’ve accumulated a full reservoir of relationship wisdom since 1981.

My wisdom has enabled folks like you to move through a marriage crisis more quickly, with fewer mistakes so you can rebuild trust in your spouse and perhaps more importantly yourself.

Your affair is resolved when you study and integrate the vast amount of content in Levels 1 (Free Introduction) Level 2 (48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp) Level 3 (Affair Recovery) and Level 4 (Advanced Affair Recovery) and supplement those learnings with one-on-one personal coaching sessions with me.

Personal coaching is the final Level 5 option for your healing.

Join with me – Become a Member of the
Infidelity Recovery Center

Thousands of people, many like you, have offered me the opportunity to help them progress through the Levels and stages of healing over the past 30 years.

In the past 5 years I’ve researched, studied, reflected and collated what was effective for my clients and created The Infidelity Recovery Center.

The Recovery Infidelity Center moves you through the Levels: from the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp to the Infidelity Recovery Level, to the Advanced Recovery Level and to the Personal Coaching Level.

Consider your next step:

If you are a new visitor, want more information and want to see if my material fits, please make sure you sign up for the FREE Membership Level. My content resonates with 95% of my visitors, but I too, want to make sure there is a fit.

If you have recently discovered the affair and are feeling the pain and confusion and are pretty sure there is a good fit (what you’ve read so far is compelling,) I suggest you sign up for the Affair Recovery Level. This Level contains my best selling ebook, “Break Free From the Affair,” which has helped thousands. At a minimum sign up for the 48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp.

If you have been struggling with an ongoing affair for more than 6 months or the affair has stopped but you have zero trust, sign up for the Advanced Affair Recovery Level. The more you learn, the finer the distinctions you make, the better able you are to communicate with more power and specificity – a really good thing!

If you are desperate, overwhelmed, your self esteem is at an all time low, alone, confused and value talking through problems and solutions consider the Coaching Level. You receive the resources in the other levels and you get personal access to me through 4 half hour phone conversations.

Use this Chart to Gain Access to Your Level.

Free Introduction

48 Hour Infidelity Boot Camp

Affair Recovery

Advanced Affair Recovery

Personal Coaching with Dr. Huizenga

With Access You Receive:

  • Free Introductory Level


With this Package You Receive:

  • 48 hour Infidelity Boot Camp Level

  • Free Introductory Level


With this Package You Receive:

  • Affair Recovery Level

  • 48 hour Infidelity Boot Camp Level

  • Free Introductory Level


With this Package You Receive:

  • Advanced Affair Recovery Level

  • Affair Recovery Level

  • 48 hour Infidelity Boot Camp Level

  • Free Introductory Level


With this Package You Receive:

  • 4 Half Hour Coaching sessions with Dr. Huizenga

  • Advanced Affair Recovery Level

  • Affair Recovery Level

  • 48 hour Infidelity Boot Camp Level

  • Free Introductory Level


I look forward to hearing from you.

The best,

satisfaction guaranteed

P.S. You have nothing to lose. I will guide you through the Levels with these resources and also daily emails, offering tips, new material and encouragement. If at any time you are dissatisfied, email me within 30 days and I will offer a total refund on any products, minus the personal one-on-one coaching with me.

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