Damaging Your Relationship: What Secrets Can Do to Your Marriage

How keeping secrets can be the easiest and simplest way for you to be damaging your relationship.

Keeping secrets has both its advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of situations where doing so can be helpful and beneficial to you personally. But when you are in a relationship and you keep a secret from your partner, there is usually a reason behind it. And when your partner finds out what this secret is, the number thing he or she will focus on is the reason why you kept this secret to yourself, rather than the secret itself. And this reason will be the cause behind damaging your relationship and your partner’s trust in you along with it.

A lot of times, your partner will know that you are hiding something before you even admit it. He or she will have an inkling that you are something is wrong, even if he or she doesn’t really know the details. And although he or she will be careful not to force you to talk about it or not to address is  directly, he or she will be asking you to do so in a subtle and indirect manner because even at this point, mistrust is already starting to develop and you are already damaging your relationship without even knowing it.

Which is why one of the biggest ways in damaging your relationship is extramarital affairs. Although the fact that you were involved in a sexual relationship with someone else is painful enough, what hurts your partner most is the betrayal, the lies, the shattered trust and the deception that came with it.

If you are or were involved in an extramarital affair, make sure that you resolve all the issues that come with it and talk to your partner. Forgive yourself and try to understand your behavior and why you did it. This will be the only way that you can truly move on from this ordeal of damaging your relationship, and restore it and your partner’s trust.

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