Trust in Relationships: Making It Stronger by Being Consistent

When it comes to the things you read on the internet, you never really know what to believe especially when it comes to advice on building trust in relationships. Some make sense, some don’t, some are immensely useful and some are a complete waste of time.

The thing to remember here is to filter the things that you  see and read, and to make sure that it applies to your specific situation. You shouldn’t follow every single advice on building trust in relationships that you see online because these things don’t necessarily apply to everybody. So it is still best if to evaluate what might work in your relationship and what won’t, before actually doing anything.

A great way to build trust in relationships is to be consistent in how you act, how you treat your partner, how you behave – everything. What causes suspicion in relationships are sudden changes, especially in behavior.

When you have, all of a sudden, started to lose a lot of weight, to dress differently and better, to become interested in things that you didn’t care about before, your partner will start to wonder why you are acting differently, why you are suddenly becoming “not yourself,” and that he or she is starting to not “know you” anymore.

Focus on the things that you do. What are those things that your partner considers to be “normal” behavior from you? What are the things that he or she thinks make you who you are? And what actions or behaviors cause him or her to be suspicious of you? What things do you do or say that make her question whether or not you are thinking straight? Try to figure out what it is that your partner expects from you, and be as consistent as possible in providing him or her that but never to the point of being boring. This is what it means to build trust in relationships by being consistent.

Surprise your partner from time to time. Plan a weekend getaway or go home early to cook him or her dinner one night. Being consistent doesn’t have to mean being boring. There are a lot of things you can do to keep things from being boring and routinary, but this is one of the simplest ways of building trust in relationships that you can easily apply in your own marriage.

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