Most Common Clues of Emotional Infidelity from the Victims Themselves

Most Common Clues of Emotional Infidelity from the Victims Themselves

How do you know if your husband or wife is going through emotional infidelity? What are the clues?

The following are responses from newsletter readers and subscribers when asked what actions or behaviors from their partners first triggered them to suspect that their partners are having emotional infidelity. There were plenty of responses from many men and women who have experienced this type of affair first hand.

Here are the most common emotional infidelity clues they provided:

1. Having to spend more and more time on work-related activities like working overtime or having late-night meetings that would cause him or her to come home late, weekend retreats or meetings, out of town business trips that would last days.

2. Secret phone calls are common in emotional infidelity that he or she would only answer in a different room or outside and that would last for hours, and unexplained phone bills.

3. Being on the computer a lot and hiding what it is he or she is doing. Everything is all of a sudden password-protected like his or her email, certain documents on his or her computer, or even the computer itself.

4. Change in personal appearance and hygiene is also a common sign of emotional infidelity. Works out more, changes the way he or she dresses, uses a different cologne or perfume, wears his or her hair different, puts in more time and effort in the way he or she looks.

5. He or she always seems angry or irritated, always gets mad easily and picks fights for no reason at all. Very short-tempered.

6. He or she pulls away – emotionally and physically. He or she doesn’t want to spend time together, communicates less, touches less, pulls away when you initiate physical contact, makes up excuses to avoid being intimate, avoids talking about certain topics and changes the subject.

7. Lying becomes more and more common and happens frequently.

8. Spends a lot of time with the other person but insists they are “just friends.”

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