Extramarital Affair: Should You Stay in the Marriage?

When you see yourself being unable to decide whether or not to stay in the marriage upon discovering your partner’s extramarital affair, ask yourself if it really is what you want to do or if there’s some other reason why you feel compelled to do it.

Here are some reasons why you may want to stay in your marriage after an extramarital affair. Go over them and reflect on whether or not they fit your situation.

Do you really want to save the marriage or…?

1. Are you just tired of trying to change your partner’s behavior? Have you given up trying to make him realize how his or her actions and his behavior are affecting you and your relationship? Do you see more confrontation in your relationship as just another way to add more problems in your marriage, so you just avoid it instead even if it means tolerating his or her extramarital affair?

2. Are your religious or moral beliefs playing a big part in making you stay in your marriage even after discovering your partner’s extramarital affair? Do you believe you are doing the right thing by staying with your partner? Are your beliefs worth being in a relationship with an unfaithful partner?

3. Do you believe that it is in your children’s best interest that you and your partner stay together? Do you feel that your children will be harmed if you keep trying to force your partner to change his or her behavior?

4. Do you feel like there’s nothing you can do but stay in the marriage? Like you have no other choice? Does it feel like you’ve already done everything you can do? That you’re stuck in this situation and you can’t change anything anymore?

Do any of these things feel familiar to you and your situation? Or are they helpful in letting you figure out what your personal reasons are for staying in your marriage? Share your thoughts on why you or anyone would stay in the marriage after an extramarital affair by leaving a comment.

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One Response to Extramarital Affair: Should You Stay in the Marriage?

  1. rudo says:

    I am staying in the marriage because of moral and my societal beleifs. I live away from family and i beleive if i go back home and leave him, he might come back to his senses. I want the financial security from the marriage. I do not have the energy to go it my own at my age. If I was very financially secure, I would not think twice about it. But if the separation does not jog his senses, I will have to go for the divorce. I am not that kind of woman who can live with an unfaithful spouse and knowing that the affair is still going on. I am still weighinn my options

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