Affair Newsletter Archive – Infidelity and Affair Past Newsletters

Infidelity and Extramarital Affairs Past Newsletters

Surviving Infidelity and the Holidays – 04.12.31

Marital Infidelity: the Other Person – 05.03.17

Infidelity: Won’t Stop Seeing the OP 05.08.08.htm

My Marriage Made Me Cheat – 05.08.17

Infidelity and Sexual Addiction – 05.09.20

Extramarital Affair: I Just Fell Out of Love – 05.10.07

Infidelity Discovered: Calm Your Feelings – 05.10.18

Emotional Infidelity and Your Marriage – 05.11.04

Emotinal Infidelity: “Just Friends” – 05.11.18

Sign of Affair – Love Being in Love – 05.12.02

Sign of Cheating Spouse Differs from Sign of Infidelity – 05.12.16

Infidelity Discoverd: The Truth – 05.12.30

Infidelity Discovered: Hold Your Feelings – 06.01.17

Infidelity Discovered: Need Meds? – 06.02.14

Emotional Connection with Your Spouse – 06.02.28

Infidelity Complaint: “I Need My Space!”- 06.03.14

Infidelity Affirmation: You are Good – 06.03.28

Infidelity and children: From the Heart of a 16-Year Old – 06.04.11

Extramarital Affair: Getting Him/Her to Change – 06.04.27

Infidelity: What is it with Men? – 06.06.01

Marital Infidelity Problem: “Working on the Marriage” – 06.06.15

Surviving Infidelity: Do NOT “work on the Marriage” – 06.06.27

Marital Infidelity: 11 Stubborn Barriers to Makingover a Relationship – 06.09.26

Infidelity’s Impact: It Will Never be Over – 06.10.04

Extramarital Affair: Their Sex is Not Always “Hot” – 06.10.11

Surviving Infidelity and What to Say: The Laser Phrase -06.11.1

Infidelity: Chat Room and Blog support – 06.12.05.htm

Infidelity Truth: Romance is Overrated – 06.12.19.htm

Surviving Infidelity: A New Year, A New You – 07.01.03.htm

Infidelity Recovery: From Depression to a Future Tinged with Hope – 07.01.16.htm

Coping with Infidelity: How Could S/He Do This? – 07.01.30.htm

Surviving an Affair: The KEY Question… – 07.02.14.htm

Affair Aftermath: Scrambled Puzzle – 07.03.20.htm

Surviving an Affair: The KEY Question Part II – 07.04.03.htm

Shocked and Caught Off Guard – 07.04.10

What is THE Question? – 07.04.17

Infidelity Quickie: From Depression to Hope – 08.02.26 – affair-depression.htm

Emotional Infidelity: Falling and Out of Love – 08.03.04

Emotional Infidelity: 3 Key Points – 08.03.11

Emotional Infidelity: Where do you Bump into it and What are the Signs? – 08.03.18

Internet Cheating: Do You Hate Facebook? – 08.03.25

Infidelity Discovery and Recovery: Getting the Right Kind of Support From Family and Friends – 08.04.01

So… Your Marriage Made Him/Her Do It? – 08.04.08

My Failing Marriage Made Me Do It -14 Traits of Him/Her – 08.04.17

Infidelity Discovered: “I Need My Space” – Say What… – 08.04.24

Infidelity: 5 Strong Mind-sets that Help Survive and Thrive Through the Marital Infidelity – 08.04.30

Infidelity and Sexual Addiction: I Can’t Say No! – 08.05.06

It’s Not Always Hot! – 08.05.14

Emotional Affairs Sneak up on You – 08.05.21

Surviving Infidelity: Saving your Sanity and Maybe your Marriage – 08.05.28

An After-the-Affair Sexless Emotional Stalemate! How do You Flip on the Intimacy Switch? – 08.06.04

Signs of a Cheating Spouse…and How they Differ from Signs of Infidelity – 08.06.11

Extramarital Affair Type #5 Spews Revenge – 08.06.18

Relationship Tips on Trust Building: 16 Practical Dramatic Ways to Know if He/She is REALLY Changing – 08.06.25

How Do I Get Him to Talk? This Dance Tires and Irritates Me – 08.07.10

Infidelity Discovered: Why S/he Won’t Tell Me the Truth?

Is S/he Narcissistic?


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