Confrontation in Relationships: Good or Bad?

What role does confrontation in relationships play? Does it really just add more to your problems? And should you really just keep your mouth shut regarding things that are bothering you?

Often times, when a person sees something in his relationship or his partner that he isn’t really happy about, he chooses to keep it to himself as a way to “not hurt” his partner, especially when it has something to with infidelity or cheating. The two factors that are most commonly at play in situations like this is that, one: the person has trouble confronting his partner; and two: he believes that his partner can’t handle what he has to say.

People usually see confrontation in relationships as a bad thing,  but confrontation, when done properly, is actually one of the best ways that a person can bring up whatever issues he may have with his partner or his relationship.

Confrontation in relationships should never be done with the purpose to destroy or bring down your partner. The important thing is to do it in a way that brings reconciliation and understanding. The truth should never be seen as something to be afraid of, or something that is going to be destructive because the truth is the exact opposite of that.

Another factor why confrontation in relationships is being avoided  is because the person may believe that his partner won’t be able to deal or cope with the issues he has about their relationship. Maybe he doesn’t believe that his partner has the strength to handle confrontation, so he avoids it.

But never underestimate your partner’s strength, especially when it comes to handling issues about him or her. Most of the time, your partner will notice that something is wrong anyway and he or she will see that you are holding back and that you are not trusting him or her with something. Confronting your partner with whatever issues you have can also be a sign that you trust him or her to be able to handle anything.

So do not be afraid of having or starting confrontation in relationships because instead of adding to your problems, it could actually bring reconciliation and develop trust in your marriage.

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