Getting Away From the Confusion in Infidelity

“I want to be close to someone” is one of the seven types of affairs,and it is described as the one that brings about the confusion in infidelity the most compared to other six. Here’s what you need to know about this type of affair.

If your partner is going through an affair of the “I want to be close to someone, which means I can’t stand intimacy” type, you are probably going through a great deal of doubts and confusion in infidelity. And the main that is causing all of that is your partner.

“I want to be close to someone” is the type of affair where your partner isn’t really sure about what he wants, whether it’s from you, from the other person, or even from himself. He, himself, is confused about which relationship he really wants.

On one hand, he has you and your marriage, which is so comfortable and stable and familiar to him that he doesn’t want to leave it behind. But on the other hand, there’s the other person and their new and exciting relationship that holds a lot of potential and possibilities to him.

The confusion in infidelity arises when, as much as he doesn’t want to end your marriage, he also doesn’t want to let go of the other relationship. Because of his goal to be close to someone, he wants to see where both relationships will lead. He wants to make sure that he chooses the right person, the person who he will be close to and make him feel complete, and so he does not let go of either one.

Both relationships pull him back and forth, and because he doesn’t know what to do and because he doesn’t know what he wants, he ends up not doing anything at all and leaves you and the other person stuck along with him in all the confusion in infidelity. He tries to manage the tension and keep everything from blowing up and falling apart by avoiding the issues he needs to face and avoiding having to make a decision.

Keep yourself from getting sucked into a situation like this by being aware of your personal needs, and knowing what it is that you want from your partner. It is important to constantly reflect on what it is you want for yourself and let these needs and wants guide you in the direction of where you want to be. Don’t be pulled along in your partner’s confusion in infidelity and decide for yourself what it is that is best for you.

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