Speaking your “Voice” to Your Spouse – Part 2

Here are some more key points about using your personal power and speaking your voice to your spouse:

You need not be loud and when you speak your voice. A quiet, calm, yet coming from within you voice, holds the most power. You speak quietly and others listen.

You become more attractive as you cultivate and grow your voice.

You respect yourself more and others respect you more as you grow your voice. You are disregarded and ignored when you approach with negativity and reactivity.

Having a voice and personal power means you clearly state what you value for yourself and your relationships.

Having a voice and personal power means you clearly state your standards and what you expect from self, others and life.

Having a voice and personal power means you firmly state your boundaries that protect you and those you love.

You exude personal power when it is obvious you have a vision for your life, your family, your career and that which you value.

You continually and persistently become more and more aware of the purpose for your life and disclose that purpose to those you love.

Your voice is your power. Your voice is YOU. Your voice is what makes you exceedingly attractive.

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