Holiday Tips #5 and #6: Rubber Band and Calibrate Your Thinking

5. Rubber band

When you notice one negative thought piling on top of another use some strategy to interrupt those thoughts. Some use a rubber band around their wrist. When they notice the intensity and frequency of the thoughts rising, they pull the rubber band and allow it to snap against the wrist. As you do that you might want to have ready a counter thought. For example, snap your wrist and say to yourself, “That’s enough for now. I have many concerns, I know. But I will address those at a later time. For the next few minutes I want to be with my children” (or whatever you are doing.)

6. Recalibrate your thinking.

Transforming or reframing your negative thoughts may powerfully alleviate some of your suffering.

For example, You may idealize the past. You think back and remember all the wonderful times of your marriage and lament the fact they no longer happen. You grieve for those days.

You may want to entertain a counter thought, i.e. “Not all of the good ole days were that good.” Balance your thinking. Attach it to reality.

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