Finding Strength in the Midst of Infidelity and Tragedy

Following is a woman’s heartbreaking story of her experience with infidelity. Learn how she coped through a tragic turn of events and came out a stronger person in the end, largely because of her love for her children.

Hello, I relate so much to the crying, not eating, not being able to work. It was so hard. He walked out 1 week before Christmas. My friends and family helped so much. I thought, “What did I do wrong?” I thought I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough. But it dawned on me one day as I looked in the mirror. I looked at what I was letting him do to me, the weight I lost, the kids trying to cheer me up. It was because of my kids…I didn’t want them to see me like that anymore. I took back my life. They asked questions and I told them the truth about their dad’s other woman. I fought for my life and my children not to give up. Then, it got harder. Their dad (my husband) died in a car accident on Father’s Day. My youngest daughter was there spending the day with her dad for Father’s day. Thank God she wasn’t in the car. Through him leaving and his death, I’m a very strong woman. It has shown my children that you can make it through anything, as long as you have a support system, and for me that was my children.

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