Break Free From Emotional Suffering

How does one devastated by an extramarital affair break free from emotional suffering?

Recently a beautiful and loving coaching client asked me, “Will the regret and guilt I feel EVER go away? Will I EVER stop punishing myself for what I did to our marriage?” The flip side of this question is, “Will I EVER stop feeling the hurt of the betrayal? Will I ever trust and love again?”

Is it possible to get over the emotional suffering caused by the hurt betrayal and guilt of infidelity?

These questions are LOADED with opportunity for shared insight and wisdom. CAN we free ourselves from gnawing shame and guilt that in itself threatens to derail the healing process in a marriage in need of new harmony and balance? CAN we move beyond the pain of betrayal and find (CREATE!) the love we want to experience? Of course we can. There is always a way through pain, whether it be emotional pain, or any other kind. We need not experience emotional suffering endlessly from the pain of an affair, no matter which side of the affair we are on. The sooner we accept and EMBRACE this truth, the sooner we can get about the business of offering healing to ourselves and those around us. We can get our train “back on track” and once again be the vehicle of love and joy we want to be.

Again, it does not matter which side of the affair you are on. You need not suffer emotional pain any longer than you choose to. Remember, when you visit and join this site, you are choosing to break free from old habits, patterns, and beliefs that do not serve nor create the life you want to live and the experiences you want to have. When you come on board with THIS site, you are CHOOSING to move into a new way of looking at yourself, your partner, your marriage AND at the affair. You are choosing to move THROUGH this opportunity to create something new for yourself, in the way you relate to yourself, to others and to the bigger picture of CHANGE itself.

Peace and blessings,


Jeryl Swantack
Your Break Free Coach

Click the link above to find more information on how to Break Free from the emotional suffering involved with an extramarital affair.

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