Dr. Huizenga Interview


Here is an interview which gives an overview of some of the infidelity concepts used by Dr. Huizenga.

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5 Responses to Dr. Huizenga Interview

  1. Teresa says:

    I found this interview very insightful. The problem I’m facing is my husbands affair happened 15yrs ago, he only disclosed it a few months ago after I asked him to leave when I discovered he was getting to personal with another co worker, nothing physical happened this time. But unfortunately I’ve discovered a pattern of my husband not wanting to share his social/working life with me, but each time I’ve objected or asked if he wanted to be in the marriage he says he does and he was just being abit selfish. Things would be great for awhile then he would start excluding me again. To say our marriage has been hot and cold is an understatement!
    Now hes saying because of the guilt of the affair 15 yrs ago, he thought it was only a matter of time before I found out, (and was holding me at arms length) and ended the marriage. Of course ‘hes’ realised our marriage is very important to him now. I am so worn out by it all.

  2. Diana Monea says:

    You are NOT alone – same story – except 22 years old- produced a kid then as the same woman wanted him to be a “sperm donor” only then started a new affair with same womaen 2-1/2 years ago & diverted finds from my company as he was in charge of business & finances and bought lavish materials as trips, golf mememberships- cars etc for the woman & the 21 year old kid he says is his from the last relationship with her although no paternity test was done! He even moved her into our other house which WE bought 21/2 years agowhich he decorated or shall I say they with lavish furnishings from my company – I had not key to the place!

    Now he says he has ended it – had her as his secretary or shall I say “sextratery” in his fake company so hecould write her off-^& fly her in when I was out of town! Paid her severance pay etc he says she was just sex that’s it – I am supposed to feel better I guesss!
    Your thoughts/! Diana

  3. Sylvia Stratford says:

    Dearest Diana,

    you must feel absolutely devestated, drained and tierd. You can not judge him on what he is saying to you but by what he is doing. Get a good divorce lawyer and end it now.
    I could imagine you loved and maybe love him very much but I do think you can live by yourself and in time find somebody who is worthy of you. I am not usually in for the big cut but in this case you have to, he has almost no respect from you at all.
    You know there are many things in life you can do once you have this leech out of your life.

  4. Shannon says:

    My husband had an affair almost 5 years ago, but we have been going around a hamster wheel all this time. I kept wanting to make it work- i was self sacrificing and fought to fogive him time and time again. He would say that he was giving her up- which i think he menat it but didn’t want to fire her. He has wanted to give her a job again quite a few times. he even gave her a company car because one of their cars broke down. I did make him get it back. That was just this past summer. he just left our home again this summer because he didn’t know what he wanted. by now, I am on edge all the time not knowing if he’s going to come home and say he doesn’t know what he wants again. She is in an unhappy marriage as well. We’ve tried everything but he tends to resent me alot.

    I just sat down with him thais past weekend and layed it on the line and asked what he wanted. he says he wants to work it out- but i know that he could change his mind anytime like he has done many times before.

    so stressed!

  5. Lostinlove says:

    I just found out that my husband has been having an internet relationship with one of his past loves from high school (he is now 39) for over a year). After a year it started I found a lot of their internet correspondences and I told him I was leaving him. He told this woman he loved her and they exchanged sexual correspondences as well. There were videos, photos, you name it; and he was planning on leaving me for her. All the while I had an idea he didn’t like me anymore but didn’t know why. We live overseas and I have the job and he wanted to take the children with him back to the states, but I wouldn’t let him. Now after our marriage seemed to be going better I found the letters and the truth came out. The bad thing is that he showed remorse the first night but now he just keeps telling me it’s my fault. He’s been drinking, took on smoking, you can tell he misses her terribly. He also has been talking to his friend about it. He tells me not to bring it up, but I keep finding e mails about her. Is this the love of his life and will he just not leave me because he’s trapped? If I wanted to get a divorce I’d have to give up my job and move to the States, which I can’t afford right now. I am just so hurt and want our marraige to work, but I am afraid he will always have this woman in his heart moreso than me.

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