How Do I Confront My Spouse about the Affair?

Couple Has Problems And Crisis. Divorce And Separation.

How you confront your spouse about the affair depends on the type of affair facing you.

Dr. Huizenga describes the radical difference in confronting the “I Need to Prove My Desirability” type of affair as opposed to the “I Don’t Want to Say No” type of affair.

He also gives 3 specific tips on how to confront your spouse about the affair for the other 5 types of affairs.

The importance of consistency and charging neutral is also explained.

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4 Responses to How Do I Confront My Spouse about the Affair?

  1. lynn corwin says:

    the problem i have with my husband of 41 years is even in the face of evidence he denies there is an affair going on. its if you can’t catch me in the act you can’t prove it. the lies he tells is many and huge and obvious. if you prove he lied about something his answer is so whats your point. then he turns the table and says you lie too. its still not catching him in the act. do you recommed a private eye?

  2. sarah manning says:

    I printed out the need to know and my husband read it and became very angry. He is a serial cheater, and i have found out he has been married 5 times not 3 and has cheated on every one, including a woman he was engaged to. He will not talk about it, says it is over, he said he was sorry and if I bring it up again he will leave. We are now in separate bedrooms, barely speaking and he is planning on leaving in Nov. to see his daughter in GA. He has driven off my 3 boys and now the 2 girls are left. He had a 4mo + affair, had email sex and was on dating sites looking for women and men. I believe this marriage is over because he will not deal with why he keeps cheating, but says he has done everything to make things better, in my view he has only gone through the motions and has done little. Sex was only monthly but for her it was anytime. Now he has said the last time we had relations was just that the last.

    • Jennifer says:

      Please read the book by Jen Waite on her Tru experience with a psychopath. Sounds like your man. It is called: A Beautiful, Terrible Thing: A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal.

  3. Don Dressel says:

    This is a message for both Sarah and Lynn
    Get rid of your husbands!!!
    They are no good!!!
    They are both self-centered and selfish!!!
    My wife had an emotional affair and lost a lot of money in a romance scam!
    Instead of saying she was sorry she went on chat rooms talking to other men!
    I finally got fed up and filed for divorce!
    I have now met a wonderful woman who is honest and caring!
    She has 3 daughters that were neglected by their father
    They love me because I show interest in their life and what they have to say
    She was married to a self-centered asshole also
    Get rid of these losers and go find yourself a real man
    Take care and I wish you both the very best
    Sincerely Don

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