Emotional Connection without Talking in Your Marriage

Kissing Couple

The emotional connection or closeness you strongly desire in your marriage can happen.

WITHOUT talking. A look, a facial expression, a glance, a touch or a warm movement of the body may “connect.” I prefer to use the word engage rather than talk. I want to engage you.

Check out the other 7 underlying reasons why talking may not work in a marriage.

Leave your comments below. How has “talking” not always worked in your marriage or relationship?

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3 Responses to Emotional Connection without Talking in Your Marriage

  1. ray says:

    the first time anyone has explained why my wife is not a talker. please send more….

    • Susan says:

      My Husband has the hardest time talking about his feelings. It is something I have had a hard time coping with because I can talk about my feelings so easily. I believe my husband is going through a classic midlife crisis and moved out 3 months ago. We went to counseling for a short time but all he felt was ganged up on in our sessions. I know he needs help sorting out all of his feelings but I have no idea how to help him and he won’t talk to anyone about it.

      • Chris says:

        Hi Susan,

        I know what it feels like being on the receiving end of judgements and patronizing like it sounds what you may be doing. My wife thinks I need to see a psychiatrist because I am so hurt by her rejections that I become depressed.

        Instead of judging in priding yourself how openly you can communicate your feelings, have you ever considered his in a different way then talking? Have you ever really listened into the rhythm of his life? What makes him tick? What are the things he enjoys and values? Have you really tried to be part of these, to be present with mind body and spirit in cycle of his soul? I wish my wife understood these things, but she doesn’t. Evidently she is not alone ….

        Good luck, I mean it …

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