Understanding the Seven Different Types of Affairs

What are the seven different types of affairs? How do they begin and how do they develop?

Having a deeper knowledge of the types of affairs will help you understand your partner’s actions better. Knowing why your husband or wife started having an affair in the first place will help you greatly in knowing what to plan for when you decide to try to save your marriage. Here is a brief description of the seven different kinds of affairs:

One of the types of affairs may be brought about because your partner may have felt that something is lacking from your marriage, and he decided to look for it from someone else in a different relationship.

There are those who, for some reason or another, can’t seem to just say no to the other person. This is one of the types of affairs that is very dangerous. Others crave the excitement and drama of falling in love and discovering a new love so much that they focus on that feeling more than they do in trying to stay in one relationship. And they allow the other person to have power over them.

Some people choose their partners depending on what it will do for their social standing. These people gravitate towards seemingly perfect individuals who others will be jealous of. Then there are those who live by the phrase “boys will be boys,” which, surprisingly, a lot of people actually tolerate and accept as an excuse for why people have affairs.

Other types of affairs are those that stem from your partner’s need to prove his or her desirability, which leads to usually a short-term one-time affair. And then there are those who are confused about how to handle intimacy.

Your partner may also have done it for revenge over something that you either did or did not do. It may have also started because he or she is angry over something and wants to get back at you for it. Both of these are because of revenge but they present very differently from one another.

Being aware of the differences of all these types of affairs, and being able to pinpoint which of these your partner is will give you better results in overcoming this hurdle.

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