Emotional Affairs: The Worst Kind of Heartbreak

Sexual affairs or emotional affairs? What would you rather have to deal with?

When you find out that your partner has been having an extramarital affair, the first thing you want to know, especially if you are a woman, is whether or not he or she is in love with the other person.

Emotional affairs, or sexless affairs, are usually considered to be a more forgivable type of affair, but would you really rather hear that your husband or wife has feelings for this other person rather than just a physical or sexual relationship?

Emotional affairs are usually pushed aside like they were insignificant since nothing physical ever happened, but in reality, this is how extramarital affairs usually start. Your partner may not even realize what is going on or that it is happening. He or she may not even be looking for an affair or may not even want one in the first place, but having someone to talk to, sharing thoughts and feelings with, goals and problems and secrets – all these things creates intimacy which can lead to developing feelings, falling in love and eventually, physical intimacy.

Most clients say that having to get over an emotional betrayal by their partner is way harder to heal from than a physical one. Knowing that their partners fell in love with someone else creates all kinds of doubts in themselves — are they not good enough, do they not show their love enough, do they not communicate enough. They start to think, “What makes this other person better than me in any way?”

These kinds of questions do not usually come up when one is dealing with a purely sexual affair because they deal mainly with questions on physical inadequacies. Emotional affairs make the victims of infidelity feel like they are not enough as a person.

This only proves how emotional affairs are not harmless at all — most of the time, it’s the worst kind of heartbreak.

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5 Responses to Emotional Affairs: The Worst Kind of Heartbreak

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  2. Paula says:

    I would rather have to deal with a physical affair, because, that is easier for me, to understand that an emotional affair. It’s usually just that ‘Physical’ not emotional, which cause you to wonder about all kinds of things…everything is questionable….a much deeper hurt on a much deeper level.

  3. Paula says:

    Sorry, my words are over the place…:)

  4. Kurt says:

    This is difficult for me to address, because I believe I had an emotional affair with a woman who was a very close plutonic friend for about 9 yrs before I got married to my wife. My wife was experiencing her second cycle of alcoholism combined with taking Xanax. The more she worried about losing me, the more she drank and took pills. Even though I never texted or e-mailed this other person, and called her only once in a year, the more my wife drank and took pills, the more I thought about the other person. My wife’s addictions got so bad I finally could not make the kinds of promises I needed to make. It was all just one viciousl mental circle. With tears in my eyes, I filed for divorce after 22 yrs of marriage a week ago.

  5. Dawn says:

    You are so right. I can’t seem to get past the emotional ties my cheating husband of 35 years had with her. How he wanted to talk on phone twice a day and text during the day. But it wasn’t just purely emotional because she performed acts of sex on herself so he could watch and praise her. He gave her all the compliments and attention she wanted so he could watch her pleasure herself. That’s what is hardest to get over why would you want to share your personal life with a woman like thst

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