Helping a Friend in an Infidelity Crisis: What to Do

What can you do to help a friend who is the middle of an infidelity crisis?

Here are a few things that have come up over the past years:

They want someone to listen to them speak out what they feel about their infidelity crisis. They want to be able to have a no-holds-barred talk where they don’t have to censor what they have to say about their situation. And they want to know that despite what’s going on in their life, that you will still accept them. Nodding while they talk about their pain about the betrayal can go a long way.

They want to be reassured that their feelings of pain and suffering and guilt will not always be present. They want to know that this infidelity crisis will not last forever, and they will find strength and courage and hope again eventually.

Despite the constant demand for space to think and be alone to solve their problems, they actually want and need help from others. They want to be told their options, what they can do to get away from the pain of the infidelity crisis so that they can move on. They want to hear whatever advice you can give them because all they really want is to get rid of the pain any way that they can.

The most important thing they need is to be understood. They want people around them to be comfortable with the fact that their life is a complete mess and that they aren’t always going to be the most rational of beings. They want to know that they have a support system during this infidelity crisis that will be there to rely on, to talk to and to listen.

These are just some of the things you can do to help someone close to you during this difficult time, but knowing that you are there for them during their infidelity crisis is actually more than enough.

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