Letting Romance Fuel Your Life

Romance is a huge influence in the type of affair called “I fell out of love… and just love being in love.”

Most of the time, this type of affair begins when your partner feels “sparks” with the other person and begins to believe that these “sparks” is what real love is.

Here are a few reasons why romance has become such a big factor when it comes to developing our relationships:

1. Romance has become the kind of ultimate experience when it comes to intimate relationships. Movies, books, TV shows all depict romance as the basis and the beginning of being in love and having true love. And they believe that and start to strive for that because they want to have the fairy tale ending with their true love, too.

2. The pursuit of romance is actually more for an individual’s personal needs, and is not really about love. They look for a partner, whether it is to start a relationship with or an affair, because they want their needs to be acknowledged and cared for to be met.  Romance has kind of become the tool to achieve that goal.

3. Romance is a precursor to sex. When two people feel that there is “chemistry” between them, they start to think that they should act on it or maybe they should start something with this person because he or she could be “the one,” when in fact it is only intense attraction for that person that is making you think that way.

4. Romance makes people feel good, and that is why they pursue it. They want that high of being with someone who makes them feel special, and they get it, albeit temporarily.

Letting romance fuel your actions and decision-making is never a good idea because unless you look into yourself and see what it is that you really need, you will find satisfaction in your partner, your relationship and your life.

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