How Charging Neutral Can Rebuild the Trust in Your Marriage

What benefits does charging neutral provide to your marriage after infidelity? Will you be able to fix your relationship? And more importantly, will you be able to trust your partner and yourself again?

Developing trust, especially in marriages affected by infidelity, is not an easy thing to do, but charging neutral will be able to help you with it. One of the things you need to focus on in a situation like this is communication, which you can achieve when you practice charging neutral.

Charging neutral means that you communicate with your partner in a direct and calm manner, making sure you get your point across properly without yelling or fighting, without being defensive or sarcastic, without any side comments or remarks.

Control yourself when you are talking with your partner. Try out a few exercises that will allow you to stay calm when he or she says something that hits a nerve, like taking a few deep breaths before responding, for example. Keep your tone calm, and your actions and body language relaxed and unthreatening. This is what charging neutral means — to keep yourself from reacting to your partner’s negative behavior.

Doing this will allow you to be able to bring any issue or problem up, whether it is something big or it is just a small thing, without dragging a lot of drama into the plate and creating a big deal out of it. And your partner will be able to trust that you will not fall apart or burst whenever you have issues, especially in your relationship, that you have to deal with.  He or she will be able to trust in the strength that you are showing because he or she will be sure that no matter what happens, you will approach everything with calm, you won’t back down and you will speak the truth. Your partner will see that strength when you practice charging neutral, and this will make you even more attractive in his or her eyes.

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One Response to How Charging Neutral Can Rebuild the Trust in Your Marriage

  1. donna says:

    I am doing the charging neutral by not reacting to anything he says. even when he tell me how much he loves me. My question is how does charging neutral work with husband (who has had an affair) watching porn, looking at naked women on instagram and also interacting with women on twitter with the most lewd sexual comments. He swears that he is no longer doing anything to hurt me but I have found the twitter (under a different name) and now the instagram with the naked picture. I also know he watches porn. We do not have any sexual interactions.

    I do not have access to phone or e-mail account as he claims that is violation of his privacy. I should mention that he suffers from co-dependency.

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