Social Media and Cheating


When is the line crossed in social media whereby infidelity or an affair begins? Please read comments from readers and leave a comment.

What are they saying about current spouse to others? What is marriage coming to because of easy access to opposite sex. Why get or stay married if it’s all based on lies? Why don’t they make up sites to spy on cheaters? Why not make a website that would allow people to pay for private investigation services. This would expose the truth about what is going on online social networks.
I think that my husband is on the look out for soemone better out there. I found out he has been involved w/ dating sites in secret since about 2005. I had no idea. He was very good at lying and keeping secrets. It makes me feel that I cannot compete w/ every woman in the area and that he does not love me. An affair eventually started w/ a work mate. They made sites and had each other as friends and the sites were secure so no one else could see. It was purely for the IM experience. Then they got I-phones for Christmas and the sextexting began and soon a sexual relationship that went on for over a year before I found out.
I know! My husband got involved with his highschool sweetheart-through the classmate site. She emailed him through this site. She was going through a divorce and wanted to see what my husband was doing. As you stated-it started with emails back and forth, then to phone calls (cell phones make this easier too)-to eventually seeing one another. What do I think about it? It is alot easier with internet to reconnect with old loves. Before this happened-I never gave it a thought.
If your spouse NEVER contacts anyone, yet creates a slightly exaggerated online profile–that identifies himself as “single”– and receives “available singles” bulletins in his inbox from that site, IS IT CHEATING? (I say yes and that is why we are in trouble. He has taken a professionally-proctored lie detector test and I had an expert forensic computer examine his computer to verify that he has never done more than this.)

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2 Responses to Social Media and Cheating

  1. Dave says:

    my first marriage and second had identical cheating platforms; online chat games, looks like a medieval castle battle farm game, now popular on smart phones, however, it’s online relationship, leading to a hook up. That’s when she emotionally checked out and then took trips. Don’t need a PI or proof to prove that

  2. Brenda says:

    My husband used a social media site to find his first girlfriend and it destroyed our marriage of 38 yrs we got back together and 9 yrs later we went through a bad patch of stress and there he goes again contacting her so 47 yrs of marriage is finished I will not be treated in this way any more I will look after me and she is welcome to him if the sites were not there this problem would not have arisen. He used the sites for porn all the time as well I have decided I am worth more than this and I have cut all contact and intend to stay that way

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