Discovering Internet Infidelity


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My wife has had an ongoing affair that fits the profile of “immature relationship – unfinished business” with a guy she met at a party who “friend-ed” her on Facebook. This forum allows her to communicate with him in a manner that allows her to keep her married life separate from her fling. I think she does this because, when faced with my finding the data (she seems to think that computers are magic, and I’m an electrical engineer) and evidence of her interactions, feels guilty.
When I think of internet cheating, I often think of my ex-husband. He proceeded in this for several years. Each time he got caught, he said “never again”. But the minute I let my guard down, he was at it again. It was very easy to catch him, as he sometimes left his email open to that exact email for the world to see. It was almost like he was wanting to get caught.
How can he say he is happy with me but actively pursue someone online? How can he expect me to trust him after he has cheated online ? Why does he not understand that porn is cheating too?
Why if you have your wife/husband in the flesh do you live with sexual immorality in a fantasy world then to commit it in reality – only later to be shocked by the consequences of the hurt that adultery and the effects of this addiction causes. Internet cheating IS a form of adultery, shameful and wrong and the fact that is hidden shows it’s an addiction and we know that deception is the driving force of addiction so there are very real issues involved with very real consequences. Thank you for this survey. God bless.
Is there a way I can find evidence of his cheating? I see many occasions when he has clicked onto the chat site (web history), but do not have any evidence of his filling in his details and communicating with the women. He is a compulsive liar, but I do not like to accuse in case – just this once – he is actually telling the truth.

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  1. Pete says:

    I’m having the same problem with mine who had invited people to hotels getting on cam and doing some fucked up shit behind my back and then trying to downplay it and say it wasn’t done in person blah blah blah. One of them knew almost fucking everything and she was compelled by him to want to leave me but denies the bullshit to my face excuse my language but even a year after finding out how fucked up she was in the head for 5 out of 6 years of marriage that I’m still pissed off and feel helpless and trapped

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