Your Lousy Marriage…Continued

A great many carry on, living a life of quiet desperation and emptiness, not knowing almost everyone they meet are experiencing the same reality with their marriage.

I hope knowing that you are not alone, in and of itself, relieves some of your pain or feeling that you are “weird.”

Also, I hope this knowledge does not generate an aura of hopelessness.

I believe marriages or relationships of mutual investment, as I like to call them, can be healthy and a source of immeasurable joy (note: I did NOT say happiness.) It is possible to achieve a lasting and satisfying emotional connection.

To attain that lasting and deeply satisfying emotional connection, in our western culture at least, a journey of relearning must take place. Also, as you move on this new path you will be aware of specific shifts you must make in your thinking and acting to redesign your marriage in accordance with beliefs and actions that bring that satisfaction and that connection.

more thoughts coming…

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