Break Free From the Infidelity Triangle

In an affair, if you pick apart your affair, and if you look closely at it, you will see roles that people play. One person will be the rescuer, another person will be the victim and the third person will be the persecutor. Your cheating spouse may appear to be a victim who is being rescued by someone else and you’re mad, you’re the persecutor. That’s the triangle. That needs to be broken.

Or, you could switch roles. Your cheating spouse is a rescuer who sees a victim and you’re the persecutor. Perhaps your cheating spouse is the persecutor who has chosen a victim and you want to be the rescuer.

You will notice that none of these roles here really work. You just find yourself going around and around in circles.

By charging neutral, stating your position, knowing how to act, knowing what your options are, knowing the distensions, and knowing different aspects of infidelity, you will gain the power to break free from this triangle.

And when you do, you will feel much, much different, guaranteed.

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