Infidelity Advice From a Survivor

Following is advice from one of our readers who endured her husband’s extramarital affair, while remaining strong for her children and her. After a year and a half, her cheating husband finally opened up to her about his unfaithful behavior. These are inspiring words of wisdom from someone who’s been through the horrific and life altering experience of infidelity. If you are experiencing the pain of an affair, listen to what our reader has to say and perhaps you will find a moment of peace and hope.

Rely on friends, especially if you have a friend who has been through a similar experience. Follow your heart, even though you feel as if it has been destroyed. It took me a year and a half to finally get my husband to open up and discuss the affair and it was still limited. MOVE ON after you can finally start to put the pieces back together. Be the best parent you can to your children. They know when you are suffering through a crisis and try to keep the lifestyle at home as close to normal as possible. Don’t involve the children, just love them. Most of all, just keep on pushing through the pain-there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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