Confronting the Other Person and the 7 Types of Affairs


In the first of a 3 part webinar series on Confronting the other person, Dr. Huizenga examines confronting the other person in light of the 7 types of affairs he outlines in his ebook, “Break Free From the Affair.”

Discover the risks and rewards for confronting the other person for each type of affair.


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3 Responses to Confronting the Other Person and the 7 Types of Affairs

  1. Janice says:

    I will never confront the OW….but i would like to ask another person to delete a picture of my H and his AP that is in her photo folder on facebook. Should i?

    • Kevin says:

      I would. And you should tell your husband you asked. But then, I also confronted the other guy, so we might have different comfort levels for confrontation. IF that person is your friend, they should respect your wishes.
      It would be even better if your husband did the asking, but only you can decide if demanding that is appropriate to your situation

  2. Don'tmesswithmetexas says:

    My husband’s AP (also, ironically her actual initials) – believe it or not… posted a review of the Airbnb she rented in our town to meet up w/him (and paid for herself) – using a photo of her and her husband next to it. Is she stupid or just plain mean or both? I have been asking Airbnb to take it down – the review – as it’s humiliating to me and my kids…. not to mention her own husband and/or ex now. Who reviews the place they screwed another woman’s husband w/a photo of her own husband in it? Well, she does. Airbnb refuses to help me. So I’m going to rent the room myself and post my own review of it and w/o using her name… expose what she used it for. She’s a hot, fat mess and while I would never put her on shesahomewrecker. com… she deserves to be there. She’s a public school teacher who could lose her job because she violated the morality clause in her teacher’s contract by engaging in an affair. What a piece of garbage she is. She knows I’m watching her and I will – don’t trust her, never will. Just saying…

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