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You Really are Normal!

I often reflect: What is about what I do that people find so liberating and helpful? Here’s what I think it is: I help those suffering from marriage crisis (or any crisis, really) to feel normal; they are not defective … Continue reading

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Affair Recovery: Talking about the Affair

A major road block for many couples recovering from infidelity is talking about the infidelity. Frequently one (the betrayed) spouse needs to talk about the infidelity. The cheating spouse says, “No. It’s over. Let’s not drag up the past. Let’s … Continue reading

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Erase the Pain of Infidelity and Extramarital Affairs Quickly

You can erase and diminish the pain and agony of infidelity or the extramarital affair. Dr. Bob Huizenga -The Infidelity Coach offers guidance and his unique “take” on infidelity. Continue reading

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