Infidelity Resource: Kinds of Affairs and How to Stop Going Bonkers

Infidelity Resourcs availble in Going Bonkers: Kinds of Affairs, motives for spying

Grab this infidelity resource which describes the 7 kinds of affairs and points toward legitimate motives for spying on a cheating spouse. Free download is available.

Going Bonkers

“Going Bonkers” is not only a phrase, it’s a new magazine. They contacted me and wanted to use some of my articles in a feature spread.

They did a great job. It’s a very good introduction for someone confronting infidelity.

It covers:

  • An introduction – with surprising statistics.
  • Why they do it – an intro to my unique 7 kinds of affairs
  • How to uncover it – 46 Clues your partner is having an affair
  • What to do when you discover it – 10 ways to calm your feelings
  • Why the need to know is strong – motives for spying
  • and, options for getting past it.

This link will enable you to download the Feature article.

Consider sending this to family and friends, those you trust and those standing by you. Remember, these people probably know very little about infidelity and need some solid input so they can be there for you more powerfully.

They don’t want to say or do anything stupid, and you certainly don’t need that now.

Use the spread as you see fit. And, I hope it’s a great starting point as you continue to cope with the ravages of infidelity.

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