Signs of a Cheating Spouse: What You Need to Know

What are the things that you need to know to be able to tell the difference between the signs of a cheating spouse and infidelity?

Extramarital affairs and sexual encounters are not done to form or experience intimacy or some kind of relationship. These things are seen only as conquests that they can add to their lists, so it is very common and actually expected for them to have more than one other person, sometimes even at the same time. And this is one of the most common signs of a cheating spouse.

Do not expect your partner to feel guilt or remorse from his or her extramarital affairs. Cheaters usually go into affairs of the “I don’t want to say no” type, which presents different signs of a cheating spouse. For them, they see their affairs as a challenge that they welcome freely and that they would do anything to win. They want to fool around and feel that sense of excitement they get when they sneak around on you.

Another of the most usual signs of a cheating spouse is that a cheater will also surround himself with people who allow him or her to continue doing what he or she is doing. They may not necessarily be encouraging your partner to sleep around and have affairs behind your back, but they do not reprimand him or her either by telling him or her to stop. Your partner will keep being with people who don’t say anything about his or her extramarital affairs as a way to keep from acknowledging what he or she is doing wrong and from being guilty about it.

It is also very possible that you will come across one of the people your partner has had an affair with, so prepared for that. There have been plenty of situations where the other person becomes very unhappy because, as it usually is with signs of a cheating spouse, your partner promised him or her something and didn’t deliver. Coming to you for whatever reason may be a kind of retaliation on the other person’s part.

Talks about separation or divorce, or anything that will mean ending the marriage will not happen, even after you prove all the signs of a cheating spouse and he or she gets discovered of having an extramarital affair. Your partner sees himself as entitled to a lot of things. Being with whoever he or she wants to be with, mostly sexually in nature, is one thing. But then he or she also believes that you are there to provide him or her with the stability, comfort and reassurances that only family will be able to provide. And he or she will not let that go.

Unless, of course, you’ve outgrown your purpose, and you should take this literally. Most people who cheat think, as mentioned earlier, that they are entitled to certain things. One of which is a partner who is young and beautiful. This is especially true for men. So naturally, when you don’t look young and beautiful anymore and do not serve him or her a purpose, you’re out.

One last of the signs of a cheating spouse that you will see is his fear of failure. You may notice how he or she never fails, how he or she will do anything to keep from failing, even if it means breaking a few rules and hurting a few people. But when something wrong happens and your partner is caught in the crossfire, expect him or her to come running to you for comfort and strength. And he or she will expect you to be there, to have his or her back.

These signs of a cheating spouse are just some of the most common ones out there, and there are a lot more that will help you tell the difference. But not matter what of these signs of a cheating spouse you see in your partner, when you sense that something is wrong, trust your instincts and talk to your partner.

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