Sexual Addiction in Extramarital Affairs: What are the Facts?

What do you need to know about sexual addiction and how it relates to extramarital affairs? Here are the facts.

One of the seven different types of affairs – I can’t say no – is very closely associated with sexual addiction. In this type of affair, the partner who is engaging in the extramarital affair does not find it easy to say no to, especially when it comes to sex, and feels, instead, a duty to say yes even when he or she doesn’t want to.

Extramarital affairs that are caused by sexual addiction are different from the other types because those who are sexually addicted sometimes feel like they don’t have a choice but to act on their impulses, which is what makes this type that much more complicated.

The following are some important facts regarding sexual addiction and extramarital affairs:

1. Someone who has sexual addiction, in a lot of cases, has had a sexual encounter as a child that left him or her traumatized in some way. Most of the time it is sexual abuse like rape, but there are other types of sexual abuse as well that come in other forms. These could affect someone just as badly as rape, especially when the victim has not developed a stable or reliable coping mechanism. These persons usually have not been able to deal with this trauma from childhood and they bring it with them into adulthood in the form of sexual addiction.

2. For sexually addicted persons, those who they have sexual encounters with are just objects for personal gratification. After the encounter, they do not further develop the relationship anymore because they have already gotten what they wanted. No real intimacy is established and there is no other connection other than sex.

3. Sex for someone who has sexual addiction has a very high value, and it becomes a priority. Sexual impulses are always acted upon, sexual encounters are frequent and sex is always on the forefront of his or her consciousness. Other activities such as porn and strip clubs are also common.

Tune in for the next part of this article for more information about sexual addiction and infidelity, and how you can stop it from consuming your marriage.

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