How Saying NO Develops Trust in Relationships

Can saying no really develop a relationship to be stronger and more mature? How is this possible? And how can you apply it in your own relationship?

Saying no is not a bad thing. Allowing yourself to say no every now and then is actually a good thing. A lot of people cannot say no when others ask them to do something, especially when it is their partners. But there is nothing wrong with saying no, and in a lot of situations it is actually the right thing that you can do. When you say no to other people, not only does it provide you to have time for yourself, it also sets up limitations to what other people can ask from you.

By saying no, you are able to create boundaries between you and the people around you, and you are able to keep yourself from things that could destroy you as a person as well as your relationship.

Most people believe that by saying no to people asking things from them, they will be seen as a bad person. But this isn’t always true. And it’s this fear of being looked at negatively that usually keeps us from saying no even during times when we really want to. And instead, we do whatever is asked of us and suffer in silence, which leads to resentment, doubts, and mistrust. Will you be able to trust your partner when you are afraid that saying no to him or her will change the dynamic in your relationship? Being able to say no, especially to your partner means that you trust him or her to be okay with it, and that you know that he or she will not be take it negatively. Your partner will know that you will not allow yourself to be pushed into doing things that you are not comfortable with, and he or she will respect you for that.

Do not be afraid of rejecting favors and setting boundaries for yourself, and the simplest way you can do this is by saying no.

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