Confronting the Other Person Webinar – Intro

When dealing with infidelity, don’t we sometimes feel like a detective, trying to figure out what the other person’s doing, or what your spouse is doing? Your eye is focused on him or her, wondering. All kinds of questions and images run through your mind.

So, it may demand a tremendous amount of our time and energy.  For some, I would say, most people who bump into an affair, one of the questions becomes “Do I confront the other person, or not?”

For some, that question doesn’t emerge. But, if you’re reading this, I would assume, that question has confronted you. Do you confront the other person, or not? There’s been a lack of material on that. I didn’t really run across a whole lot as I did some reading on this particular topic.

I have my own ideas. I thought that, perhaps, confronting the other person would be problematic; would stir up a lot of problems, and would probably not be a good idea.

But I did some research. I sent out a survey about six months ago to my readers, and I got a tremendous response. Over 500 people responded with stories and comments about their experiences in confronting the other person.

And it opened my eyes to a lot of issues, related to confronting the other person. And actually, to my surprise, a large number of people who told their stories, found it helpful for them, if not for the marriage or their relationship.

So, I want to thank you for all your participation, for your comments, and for your stories, if you happen to be one of the people who have been involved in this process. And what it’s done, it’s helped me create a new e‑book “Confronting the Other Person: End the Humiliation.”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting several excerpts from my webinar on confronting the other person, with plenty of valuable information on confronting the other person.

If you have a story about confronting the other person, please feel free to share it by commenting after this blog.

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