Surviving Infidelity: Should We Have Sex?

RomanticDr. Huizenga presents the question, “Should We Have Sex?” in video #7 of his Top 10 Q&As for Surviving Infidelity.

Dr. Huizenga explains the heightened intensity of sexual arousal in three particular kinds of affairs, and gives affirmation for the sexual experience – if it’s mutually desired.

He also gives three scenarios, again revolving around different types of affairs, in which the setting of boundaries and abstaining from sexual intercourse is suggested.

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5 Responses to Surviving Infidelity: Should We Have Sex?

  1. Marsha says:

    I am the wife and the one who committed the infidelity.

    Are there any help for me

  2. joanne esfahani says:

    thank you. wish I would have known this in he beginning of the problem. never-the-less this has been helpful

  3. Sharon Clarke says:

    You have to listen to what your heart is telling you. Discovering about my husband’s two affairs on the same day last year was the worst thing that ever happened in my life. I went through feelings I never knew I could feel inside, I am skinny and I lost over thrty pounds during that time. I suggest that before you have sex with that cheating husband both of you need to go and get STD tests, because he could be bringing a disease back to you.

  4. Lani says:

    My husband is in a 2+ yr affair. For now he has shown positive changes to the kids, his work, his attitude and how he treats me. I read your emails and your book and I’m trying hard to stand back. Our sex life has never stopped and seems to get better emotionally. My problem is he continues to vacillate and it seems that I’m loosing respect for myself and him and I’m falling out of love with him. I tried to stop our sex life so many times but he just gets angry and after a few hours he comes following me around and never stops even if it takes days. I don’t understand if hes so in love with this woman what does he want with me. I must admit that after having sex we get closer. But he vacillates and this happens every week. I’m so exhausted and confused. This seems like a revenge affair/ I fell out of love/ My marriage made me do it. (I think). Please help me.

  5. marc says:

    I would definitely not have sex until the affair has ended and your spouse has been checked for STDs. In my case, we continued to have sex and I ended up with the papilloma virus; I must admit that initially I was not aware of the extent of the affair and believed it to be over but I failed to even consider the STD issue. I find the doctor’s advice in this case to be very poor since STDs are not even mentioned and these are real possibility. I’ve read that women having affairs are even less likely to use a condom with their affair partner. Doctor, please do not base your decision as whether spouses should continue to have sex without first detailing the STD issue.

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