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4 Critical Steps to Infidelity Recovery

You can survive infidelity in your marriage and recover. But infidelity recovery does not happen by chance. Learn how to go through the infidelity recovery process that leaves nothing to chance. Resources, support and the materials you must have are found in the Infidelity Recovery Center. Follow the 4 Critical Steps for Infidelity Recovery. Continue reading

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Infidelity in Marriage: Key Points in Infidelity Recovery

Infidelity in Marriage: More key points about infidelity that help you through recovery. Key Point #2: Infidelity isn’t the end of the world Infidelity is discovered and it feels like your world is coming to an end. Yes, it feels … Continue reading

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The Infidelity Journey: Success and Struggle

Hear from two infidelity survivors, who have had great success with Dr. Robert Huizenga’s e-book, Break Free From the Affair. Continue reading

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