Clues of an Affair: What You Need to Watch Out For

Clues of an Affair: What You Need to Watch Out For

There are plenty of clues of an affair that you will be able to find in different kinds of media and sources.

There are some that are really obvious and commonly known, and then there are others that need to be further investigated to know for sure.

Here are a few of both of those types of clues of an affair:

One of the most common clues of an affair is when your partner starts taking care of his or her physical appearance better. He or she enrolls in a gym or starts working out more than usual. He or she buys new clothes and underwear, and becomes more careful in how he or she dresses.

He or she buys a new cell phone without telling you, or he or she sets up a separate account that gets billed in his or her work place. He or she would delete the incoming calls on Caller ID. Phone calls come late at night which he or she would only take in another room and last for hours and hours. Also, he or she tells you to call him on a different number, or uses a different number that you aren’t familiar with to contact you.

He or she sets up a new email account that you don’t know about. Or he or she changes the password of all his documents and accounts that you used to have access to. Your partner could be jumpy or anxious about you using his computer, or he or she doesn’t use it in front of you.

A sudden change in your sex life is also very common on the lists of clues of an affair. Either it becomes non-existent where he or she pulls away whenever you initiate physical intimacy and does not want to be touched, or it goes into overdrive and he or she becomes interested in trying out new or different positions in bed.

You find birth control pills in your wife’s purse when you’ve had a vasectomy. Or vice versa, you find a box of condoms in your husband’s car when you’ve had your tubes tied.

The same way that changes in the physical aspect of your relationship is one of the clues of an affair, emotional intimacy is as well. Your partner may begin to pull away and stop confiding in you, he or she doesn’t communicate as much as he or she used to, you don’t talk the same way as before. There could also be a tendency that the fighting in your relationships would escalate, or he or she would pick fights over nothing. Your partner could get irritated or annoyed over the smallest details, also.

Friends that you both know start acting different towards you, or his or her coworkers start to avoid you when you run into each other. This could be because they know of his or her affair, or they know that something is going on that shouldn’t be.

You find some things like gifts or intimate apparel that you know you didn’t give your husband or wife. Or items like these show up on his credit card bill that you didn’t receive. Other deficiencies on your financials also show up, like a significant decrease in the amount of money being deposited in your account, or your partner could be working late a lot saying that he or she is doing plenty of overtime but it doesn’t show on his or her salary.

A change of attitude regarding home activities is also one of the clues of an affair. He stops being active in your children’s lives, he is less and less helpful at home, he opts to be  somewhere else instead of spending time at home.

Late nights at work become more frequent, as well as weekend getaways or business trips out of town.

His or her clothes are worn differently when he or she gets home from when he or she left in the morning. He or she smells different, or has unexplained stains, bruises, or marks on his or her clothes and body.

And the most important of all the clues of an affair is when you have to ask whether or not your partner is having one in the first place. When your intuition tells you that something is wrong, chances are that something is. So listen to what your gut is telling you, and check out if your partner is showing any of these clues of an affair.

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