More than Relief in Your Marriage

Attractive couple having an argument on couch at home in the liv

It is common for you as the distancing spouse to believe that to save the marriage or break the impasse, you must settle. You must cave in. You must accommodate. You must swallow and “be nice.” You must meet his/her needs. You must work on the marriage. You must express caring. You must “come back.”

Sorry, but that just will not work. Oh yeah, it may seem like it offers relief. And, it may. But the relief will only be temporary and you will not create as sustainable loving marriage and walk hand in hand forever.

You can speak your voice – however uncomfortable that may sound at this point.

And you want to speak your voice in a way that honors you and your spouse.

Does this video fit your situation at all? Tell us below.

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  1. Teresa says:

    In the 18 years since I met my husband he had 2 emotional affairs. Then last year he started numeral web site sex affairs which one so an ended up being the big physically sexual affair including him taking vacation days with motels with this woman. As well as meeting in other places for sex. I am trying to decide what to do. I have been reading your I formation and would like to get more insight before making my decision.

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