Jealousy After Infidelity: Healing Yourself and Your Relationship

“Jealousy becomes a part of the relationship after infidelity even when you don’t want it to or even when you aren’t aware of it. Couples who were not easily jealous of the people who were around their partners a lot in the past tend to become very jealous of anyone after infidelity has been discovered.”

In the first part of this post, we talked about how jealousy can affect a marriage or a relationship that is healing after infidelity. In relationships where this is experienced, it becomes another problem that needs to be dealt with along with every other issue that already exists. And even when you don’t acknowledge, talk about or act on the jealousy you are feeling, you will still most probably end up leaving your relationship disconnected, and you will start to feel detached from your partner.

And the only way you will be able to stop this from happening in your relationship is by finding out the real reason behind your jealousy after infidelity, and to heal it.

One other thing that you need to take care of when it comes to jealousy after infidelity, other than the pain and detachment it provides, is to think of the other ways that your jealousy is affecting you and your relationship. What behaviors and actions do you end up making whenever you let your jealousy get the best of you? Be aware of these things and try to list them down whenever you start to experience them during jealousy.

And while you are going through these things, remember to be honest with yourself. Remember that this is part of healing after infidelity, and that this is something you need to do if you really want to stop letting the jealousy you feel control you.

Once you’ve listed all the jealous behaviors you’ve been experiencing, you can see what you do and see all the other options you have as well. And this can really help you in taking a step and making a conscious decision to not let your jealous behavior lead your actions after infidelity.

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