Mid-Life Crisis: What It Can Do to Your Marriage

Mid-life crisis and your marriage. For a lot of relationships, a mid-life crisis could lead to irrational and bad decisions regarding infidelity and other people, and eventually, to divorce.

Extramarital affairs are a possibility in every relationship or marriage, no matter how long the couple has been together. And if a disagreement, whether big or small, can cause a major fall-out in your relationship, there is a big possibility that your relationship bond was not as strong as you thought, and may even actually be nonexistent.

But is it possible to stop an extramarital affair from tainting your marriage before it even happens?

All of us know what a mid-life crisis is. Some have probably even experienced one before, or is going through one now. A lot of people in relationships and marriages who go through a mid-life crisis tend to question whether or not they could

There’s no way that you can control the actions and decisions of other people, even people who you love and love you back. But there are some things that you can do to prevent an affair from tainting your marriage. Basically, what you need to do is to focus on creating a loving, passionate and connected relationship. And if you’re trying to rebuild a broken relationship, whether it caused by an affair or by something else, always bear in mind the things that will benefit you both and will add to your lives as a couple.

Here are a few things you could try to develop a more loving and passionate bond in your relationship in the middle of a mid-life crisis:

Find something that makes you feel alive and do it. There are lots of things that could hold your interest and that could make you feel fully aware and excited about life – it’s only a matter of finding what it is. You could try to look for a hobby or an activity that both you and your partner could enjoy. Or you could find something that’s mainly just for yourself. The point is to find something that interests you and gives you joy while going through  a mid-life crisis because it will make you feel good about yourself and your life and your marriage which, in turn, will make your partner feel good. Whether it is a hobby like dancing or painting or fishing, or some other kind of activity like camping, hiking or learning to play an instrument – whatever it is, make sure that you are doing it for the sake of making yourself happy and enjoy life.

Once you’ve found what it is that makes you happy, do not hesitate to share it with your partner. He or she may or may not want to try it out, find it interesting enough to take up as well, or share your enthusiasm for it, but the point is for you to share what you love with the person you love. There have been a lot of instances where, once one partner finds something he or she interested in, he or she tends to hide it from their partner because of embarrassment or selfishness. This causes secrecy that is not very beneficial or helpful in any marriage. It is not the shared interest in any activity that will keep the relationship strong anyway. It is sharing the joy and love and passion with each other. If you hide these feelings or keep them from your partner, especially when you are feeling it the most, your communication and connection is compromised and no intimacy is formed.

These things are not a sure-fire way to develop and maintain a good, loving relationship, but they do help to create a more open and passionate connection between you and your partner. Allow yourself to feel alive and good and happy and excited, and share what makes you feel this way to your partner. Let those feelings of joy and love nourish your marriage and take you together to a great and happy adventure.

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3 Responses to Mid-Life Crisis: What It Can Do to Your Marriage

  1. Lynne Smith says:

    Bored with my marriage. Will not have an affair, woulden’t do that because I still love him. He is a workaholic, and I am a housewife/mother living with a twenty-one year old son and seventeen year old daughter.

    All I think about is moving to another area because I hate where I live. I know my problems will be resolved when we move to a more exciting place to live.

  2. evans says:

    my husband of 31yrs divorced me fot the ow however he is frequently with another younger one when ow is at work. When divorce was finalised, he phoned to say how sorry he was that a lifetime with me has ended, but unfortunately his preferances have changed and he hates hurting us. The reason he neva asked that our home be sold and profit split, is that he has a place to come to one day if he has no where to stay as he is nearing pensionable age and will never be able to afford another place

  3. mary virginia says:

    This is very educating. Yes, we all have marriage problems but i think women take the biggest share of blame with things dont work out well in a marriage.WHY? Am sorry about my 2 friends above who r realy facing it rough only bcoz of their love for their husbands.

    Dr, how can u help me to handle a husband who is on crisis and allover a sudden whats a divorce n disinherit me from his will?

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