After a Divorce: How the Inner and Outer Bodies Heal

What do you need to do heal yourself after a divorce? There are many different ways that you can go about getting over a divorce or a break up. But understanding just how your physical body and your emotions are connected will help you in doing this effectively.

Your body is not just something that makes you a real, physical entity. It is a physical manifestation of your inner thoughts and feelings as well, and it knows who you truly are fully and completely. It is what makes it possible for you feel joy, pleasure and happiness during your good days, as well as pain, sorrow and suffering when you are going through something bad like after a divorce. It is also what makes it possible for you to feel your connection to the spiritual world, and what makes that connection more real. It is the reason you can feel all the feelings you are having, and you are able to act on the things you want to do. It is the reason that you can access the physical world, while serving as a tool for you to communicate spiritually as well.

When someone goes through a crisis in his or her life like after a divorce, there are impacts on both the physical or external, and the spiritual or the internal aspects, especially so in crises involving divorce, separation or break-ups. Going through these crises in life affects your mental and spiritual capacities, and it definitely does something to you emotionally. But then it encroaches outside into the physical world and affects your friendships and relationships with your children and other people, your social life, your physical health, even your finances. Every aspect of your life, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, can be affected after a divorce.

When you are going through life after a divorce or a break up, there are two aspects of your life that you need to face or deal with in order to bring back structure in your life.

These are the inner work and the outer work. The inner work focuses mostly on your feelings and emotions about what you are going through. It is about the process in which you make sense of everything you are feeling about what is happening after a divorce, how and why. Identifying those feelings and expressing them is what the inner work is about.

The outer work, on the other hand, refers to the things you are doing in the physical world that will let you reestablish yourself and build a new life apart from your partner. Very common forms of outer work is moving into a new house or apartment, meeting new people and making new friends, taking up a new hobby or exercising, and other stuff like that.

Most people think that it’s only the inner world that needs to be addressed and fixed and healed after a divorce, and they don’t realize that there are a lot of things in the outer world that need fixing, too. So if you are in a situation where you are trying to heal after a divorce, make you sure you take care  of both worlds and not ignore one for the other.

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