Day After Valentine’s Day: What Really Happens in Unhappy Relationships?

Here’s the truth of what really happens in unhappy relationships on the day after Valentine’s Day.

An article in USA today reported that online websites that offer free memberships are to people who are married and are in unhappy relationships, and who want to look for other married people to meet and “hook up” with say that their biggest day of the year is usually the day after Valentine’s Day. Why is this so?

One of people who runs a website just like this said that this seems to be a trend because a lot of people feel let down by their husband or wife when they don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day, and the pressure for romance, especially on this particular day, doesn’t make things easier either. A lot of times, we spend a lot of money to try to create or force romance in our unhappy relationships and it doesn’t always work. Your partner could be surfing these infidelity websites the day after you try to do something romantic and just not know it.

Here are two factors that could be the reason behind one’s disappointment:

One is because romance is overrated and creates a kind of selfish shallowness. Novels, songs and movies usually depict romance as this thing where two people automatically know what the other wants or needs to experience, where each of them always feels special and forgets that they are merely humans, and are with merely humans, going through the same things.

This portrayal of romance and love makes it things in unhappy relationships that much harder to fix because they question their relationship when it does not show that same demonstration of love.

Another reason why we are in unhappy relationships is because we tend to focus on our personal needs instead of the needs of the relationship itself. The need to be loved, to be noticed, to be adored, the need for attention, for a adventure, for pleasure, for affirmation – these things run deep within us and are never truly set aside.

These personal needs become our basis on our partners’ actions and we tend to become frustrated and resentful and have unhappy relationships, whether consciously or not, when they are not met.

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