Making Shifts Help Build A Love You Can Trust

Building TrustShifts happen.

An awareness of your personal shifts and the capacity to guide and create shifts are a core element of building a love you can trust.

Here are Key Points on shifts:

  • A shift is any movement or change you make in the way you think, act or feel. A different thought may lead to a different action or different feeling. Or a different action may lead to a different thought and/or feeling.
  • Shifts happen all the time. Change is constant. Change will never end.
  • You want to have an awareness of the change process so you can modify and control the shifts in your life. Making distinctions leads to shifts. The process of intentionally making shifts can be extremely freeing and exhilarating. Finally, I have my power. I have my voice.
  • Shifts can result from a conscious decision to initiate a change in the way you think or what you do.
  • Shifts can emerge serendipitously. The JUST happen and it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause. You can trust that an unconscious part of you is also redesigning, rearranging your life in ways you want!
  • Shifts can be dramatic and instantaneously life changing. Although this is rare, it does happen.
  • Shifts often happen more slowly and methodically. These are usually the shifts you can trust and have staying power.

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