Infidelity and the Revenge of Super Glue

This is a true story.

If you are a philanderer, beware.

Watch this video of women conspiring to exact their revenge (or “stick it to him.”)

Please do not take notes while you watch this video.

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28 Responses to Infidelity and the Revenge of Super Glue

  1. Too funny!

    I guess jury selection will be more important here than ever!

    If any of the jurors have been cheated on, you can bet the women will “get off” without jail time.

    A jury loaded with squeemish men, on the other hand, may afford the ladies some nice orange jumpsuits for a few months.

    Great post, Robert.

  2. Heidy Tort says:

    Sadly a cheater is like a cancer. Yes is like a cancer to society. I feel sorry for those women who had to ask a jerk like that who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Their self esteem is very low not realizing that he didn’t love none of them. And they all had the need to fing out who was the lucky one so like that she will feel the privilige to hear it from her ears. He does’nt love none of them. He realy does not even love himself. He has a whole in his personality and so all of those women. Nobody makes anyone happy in life not your kids, mother, wife or husband. All those poor women and know i include my self made another person their living God. And know they are paying the consecuences. I am a songwriter and i had realize that life is like a song and so it is marriage and everything around you. a SONG it is supposed to sound good in harmony if it does not have the wright note it sound bad you have to make a change. but us human keep singing the wrong lirics with the wrong notes because we are unsecure or afraid. but believe me it will never soung wright unles you have the courage itnough to ask god to help you.

  3. rhonda says:

    serves him right, what about their pain and humiliation? Their anguish is much worse than any pain caused by ties and super glue…

  4. JUNE says:

    I dont think i would d anything drastic like that. I want something more lifelong, like feeling my loss x 10. I hope there is such thing as karma or what comes around goes around, but I havent seen it yet. I think its just words.

  5. Irene says:

    Well anytime that kind of thing happens, you have to take a step back and think, would I really do something that cruel? It’s not in me to be cruel to anyone even if they have been cruel to me.

  6. Sara says:

    I heard about this before in the news. And it’s actually in my state. Amazing. Did he deserve this? – yes. Should it have been done? – no. It’s too extreme. But what jerk. It’s kind of funny. Maybe a less “physical” humiliation would have been better. PUBLIC humiliation instead of pubic. Just sayin. But he DID deserve it.

  7. Joy says:

    This is of course a twisted crime of assault to say the least. I wonder when we will see the act of infidelity as a twisted crime? If two parties enter a legal contract in any other context and one violates that contract the law applies. There are at least some leagal consequences. When will our marital contracts be observed by our laws with the same degree of respect? Maybe that will aleviate the need of some to seek revenge.

  8. Leslie says:

    It’s not funny. It’s sad all the way around. Where is the integrity and any sort of inner dignity? We are all responsible for our own actions. Yes, he was incorrect. Yes, they were hurt. Does that make hurting him correct behavior? Maybe now they can relate to him because they are on his level (or always have been but didn’t want to admit it – actions speak louder than words). Who learns if one cannot lead by example? There is no love there, in their hearts. They lost nothing and only gained something – more fear. I think most everyone misses the crucial point. (And yes, I am living it as well – the pain, the doubt, the sheer sadness, the humiliation. But it’s the love that is pulling me through. His actions don’t determine who I am and what I know to be true. His actions don’t negate the love that is in my heart and, therefore, cannot make me act against it.)

  9. Shirley says:

    Eeww. This is a copycat of the old super-glue trick from the earliest years of its invention. But the sadness and confusion of the women involved with an obvious sociopath — that’s just horrible to watch. Creeps can reduce others close to them to being creeps, too. Now who will want or trust any of these women? They’ve all gone too far. Why ruin your life for a sociopath? Eww.

  10. Shelley says:

    Two wrongs never make a right.

  11. Irma says:

    Once you realize the guy is nothing but a con artist and thinks with his so called man hood take a good long look HE IS NOT WORTHY OF YOU. He isn’t worth that type of pain it comes and goes… He is a P.O.S. and will forget all about you and the incident while working on his next victims. Take control and loose the loser.

    Irma in Houston

  12. Jacque says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, but most of the time the second wrong can really make a person feel better :)

  13. ces says:

    I felt very sad for all of them, revenge might seem right, but in the end does not solve the issue of the betrayal and the feelings that it leaves you with.

  14. Sandra Munoz says:

    I think the man has no love for him. It was not a good action from the women, but time will take care of the bad deeds we do during life time.

  15. Daphne says:

    I agree with Lesley. He used them but does taking revenge really solve anything. They now have to faced imprisonment, humiliation & betrayal…..and know to the public. Is this really worth it…I may sound like a coward but find ways to let go.

  16. dark says:

    Does it really solve anything? Yes you get a little amusement but what of the charges they may face. But I say good for you ladies, how much more crap do we have to take as women.

  17. mary says:

    It’s so sad. I feel so bad for these women especially his wife! He has to be the biggest loser with absolutely no conscience! I blame it on his mother for not teaching him how to be a man. Cheaters don’t realize this type of devistation can really make you lose it! They know they are playing with fire but when they get burned it’s called revenge? It’s called playing with someones mental state. You just don’t know what you’re gonna get! That poor man is now a victim? Give me a break! All of the women involved need mental help not jail time! Not that I’m condoning their actions at all but I thank God everyday for helping me keep my sanity and having a strong mind to move forward and do what’s right for my family! Thank you God!!!

  18. Mrs.S says:

    Most Unfortunate, however, the vigilante attitude is understood in a society that doesn’t consider cheating &/or adultery a crime.

  19. BRIGITTE says:


  20. DP says:

    I have no sympathy for the guy but, at the same time, think that you demean yourself when you resort to acts of vengeance like this.

  21. Kristy says:

    It is sad for everyone. Revenge is not something that should be considered unless it hurts no one and is in fun only. This was extreme and the women have now hurt themselves more since they did something illegal.

  22. mary says:

    I’m learning to hold my head high and look as fantastic as we can. It helps to even force yourself to walk faster… get busy socially When he’s around I make it a point to be busy! I think he would like me to just sit there and be depressed. We can’t give a lying, cheating, insecure man that kind of control or power of us.

    It would be interesting if the super glue didn’t come off!!

  23. knotit says:

    I agree with shelley above. This isn’t funny.

  24. Mark says:

    This one was funny too, but obviously with a sad note because it was real and not slapstick video. I guess we know why he picked these women: they were all pretty low.

    I liked and agreed with the comments above on inequity and “no-fault” divorce. I offer that it is even worse for the man. My wife is cheating on me, refuses any type of therapy and treats me like dirt, but if we divorce she will get 1/2 of everything I ever did or will earn and custody of our children. If that isn’t torture what is?

  25. LANE says:

    I’m going to be frank here: I THOUGHT THIS WAS REALLY FUNNY in a “black humor way”. I laughed all the way through! It felt good to see a jerk get his “due”. Why the hell is anyone feeling all “sorry” here? As if these women were the criminals. To be honest, I’m surprised that ANY man would admit that he had revenge taken on him by the four women he had cheated on. He’s a wuss, and deserved it. He better be damned amazed and grateful they didn’t do the same thing to his genitals that Lorena Bobbitt did to Big John. Still laughing. Thanks Dr. you made my day.

  26. Chris says:

    Ha ha. So that’s what dishonesty can get you. Seems the victim co-operated with the police on this one. On the basis he could have got a lot lot worse I reckon he feels his right to do what he pleases with whoever he pleases has been violated.

  27. penne says:

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

  28. Betty says:

    Amen to Penne’s quote. I am in my third year of struggling. My husband won’t admit to his many infidelities. He has shown great remorse for the one he has admitted. Why is it that cheaters don’t think about the pain and torture they put others through?
    Are secretsand a few moments of pleasure really that thrilling that they are worth all the consequences? I am still in my marriage because of my children and for financial reasons. I’m finally being able to let go a little at a time. I thought this video was really funny, but I realize the irrationality of it. Two wrongs really don’t make a right.

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