Sexual Addiction: How It Affects Infidelity

Sexual Addiction: How It Affects Infidelity

How does sexual addiction affect infidelity?

Sexual addiction is associated with one of the seven types of affairs which is the “I can’t say no” type of affair. This type means just what it says, that the one involved in an affair always feels like he or she needs to say “yes,” simple because he or she has a hard time saying “no.”

You may think that not being able to say no is just a lame excuse that people say for lack of a better explanation for the affair, but there are actually some people who find it very difficult to resist and say no when it comes to sex, even when they know it’s wrong. And when it comes to infidelity that is related or due to sexual addiction, things can make a turn for the worse.

Here are a few things to note about the type of affair caused by sexual addiction:

1. The role of sex in the relationship becomes unnecessarily exaggerated. Thinking about and performing sex and sexual activities take up an excessive amount of time. And other things related to sexuality such as porn or going to strip clubs are done a lot as well.

2. Sex is connected to fear. The sexually addicted person is fearful of multiple factors when it comes to infidelity. He or she is afraid of being discovered and losing his or her family and spouse. There is also a fear of losing the respect of the people around him or her like those from work, your friends and family, those around your neighborhood.

3. There is always a cycle of broken promises and failures. After engaging in infidelity, the sexually addicted person feels guilt and makes a promise to, either to himself or to other people, that he or she will not do it again. But when he or she feels the need to act out again, then it will happen. In some cases, the partner may be aware of his or her actions being wrong, but in most cases, he or she does not see it that way.

4. The need to achieve personal gratification is great in people with sexual addiction, and most of the time other people are used only for that purpose. No real relationship or intimacy is formed because they are only seen as objects that will fulfill the immediate needs of the partner.

5. Sexual addicted people often have a traumatic or confusing experience with sex, the most common of which is sexual abuse in whatever form, and was not able to resolve that particular issue as he or she grew up.

6. This confusion that comes with sexual addiction creates a twisted view of the world in the partner’s eyes. He or she can rationalize his or her actions and believe it to be acceptable. There is also a tendency to lie to others and hide his or her addiction.

If you suspect someone of being sexually addicted, whether it is your spouse or someone else you know, try to get some help as quickly as possible. A deeper, more intimate relationship with that person is possible.

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