Extramarital Affairs: Who is to Blame?

In almost every case of infidelity, the one getting all the blame, hate and anger is usually the third party. This is mostly because the general belief in society is that the third person is the one who caused the affair by seducing a married person, and they tend to forget that their partners are as much to blame.

Although, it is much easier to point the finger at the third person and say that he or she is the cause of all the problems in your marriage, you have to be honest with yourself and realize that it’s actually the other way around – that the problems caused the affair – and it is not that person’s fault alone.

Blaming the third person becomes a way for you to rid yourself and your partner of any faults regarding the affair, which is running away from the real issues you need to face. Accepting each person’s mistakes in the situation is the only way you can really confront what is happening in your relationship and in your life, and it is the only way you can move forward from it.

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