Understanding is Key

Surviving Infidelity Series: Understanding is Key

When faced with an extramarital affair, it is important to find the resources necessary to better understand the situation with which you are faced. Read about how the following two individuals gained a better understanding of infidelity by seeking the appropriate books, as well as advice from friends and co-workers.

Besides the fact that my life had changed and I realized that it would never be the same again I needed to understand what had happened. Websites such as yours were my only solace. I had no one to talk to and the information I found on your website was so comforting. I needed answers and I learned a lot about infidelity. I needed a place to go and not feel alone. I wanted something to help make some sense of what had happened and learning everything I could about infidelity.  It helped me so much. Understanding is a key.

I had first been told that my husband wanted a divorce, so when I later found out he had had an affair, I was shocked but more desperate to save my marriage. It’s a long story, but I started to exercise, I talked to friends and colleagues (I worked with psychologists), and I read books. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to find good books to read!

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