Turning to God to Solve Your Infidelity Crisis

Surviving Infidelity Series: Turning to God to Solve Your Infidelity Crisis

Some find it comforting to turn to God in the midst of their infidelity crisis. Read the following testimonials from two women who chose to seek guidance from a higher power.

When I found out I cried myself to sleep at night for a week and then I thought I was not good enough for him but then I realized that it was not me and that he was insecure I began to look at myself in the mirror and thank God for my sanity and I began to bury myself in the word of God and the affair has not stop and we have been in a sexless marriage for 10 years now and I just keep going in a direction to please God and uplift my relationship with God and I can say that I am so happy because my husband is not my focus God is!

My marriage was not in the best shape before the affair happened. Nevertheless, it was devastating when it did. I was blessed to have a terrific support group. This included my family and friends. They listened to me, gave me suggestions and prayed with me. My brother kept telling me that through this I will have a better husband. He said that my husband would come back a better man, or I would eventually marry again and have a better husband. Since we have five children, I prayed that my husband would come back a better man.It was our five children and they really kept me going. I still had to go to work to support us. They needed to eat and continue with their daily lives. I didn’t want to hurt them any more than the affair had, so I kept life as normal as possible. The main thing that kept me from having a total breakdown was my faith in God. I asked for his will to be done in this situation. Believing that God’s will is for a family to stay together. I wanted my marriage and family together, just not the same as prior to the affair. I knew that God will take care of me and the more I put things in his hands, the better I felt. Once I let go things started to change for the better. My husband and I reconciled and are working at our marriage and our commitment to God. I do have a better husband and it didn’t happen over night. This New Year’s Eve marked one year from the date it happened. It took a lot of work, tears and forgiveness, and we are in a better marriage

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