Surviving Infedelity takes Different Twists and Turns

Dealing with Adultery: Is Forgiveness Possible?

Surviving the affair is often a long and arduous journey. Dealing with adultery means for some people staring eyeball to eyeball the concept of forgiveness. Can you forgive the adultery? Do you want to

forgive the adultery? Forgive the adultery now? Or, will it perhaps be possible to forgive the adultery at some point after you receive the support from family and friends?

Dealing with adultery is not easy, as those who face the monster readily attest. Coping with adultery often means dealing with feelings of inadequacy and fear. To begin the recovery process from adultery a safe place is needed.

But dealing with adultery in a constructive manner is possible.

Please read what these readers have to say about their journey in dealing with adultery:

“Forgiveness. I forgave my husband and loved him the same. I cried and cried by myself because I needed that release and if I cried in front of him it brought up more bad/sad feelings from him about hurting me all over again. I began to do things for me to make me feel like a beautiful person again. This was to help my self esteem which was crushed. Walking, exercise the demons out and losing weight…”

“I felt so stupid and still at times do and it has been a little over a year since I found out. In the beginning I just wanted death his or mine it didn’t matter. The only thing that kept me going was my work as that is the only place I felt SAFE. My family also a HUGE help in supporting me and just letting me make my own decisions. I have NEVER felt so much pain or hatred in my life.”

“I read a lot about saving my marriage and this really helped to look carefully at myself and gave me the courage to look after myself and gradually learn to let him go.”

“It was a week before I gave birth to our first child when I found out. It was extremely painful and having a new baby to take care of was the only thing that kept me grounded and able to function.”

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