Surviving Infidelity Series: The Power of Knowledge – Books and Spying Device

Surviving Infidelity Series: The Power of Knowledge – Books and Spying Device

This person worked toward her PHD in surviving infidelity:

I got on the internet and studied. I approached it like I was getting a PHD in “how to survive an affair“. Not only did that help me with suggestions, but it distracted me from the hurt. Then I joined a gym and swam. I would go right after work and swim until I couldn’t swim anymore. Somehow just the process of flowing through the water helped to wash away some of the pain.

This person: oh, the power of that little recording device:

After the initial discovery of my husband’s affair with a very dear friend, I was met with anger and denial on all fronts. I didn’t want to accept it either. The hardest thing for me to do, was to make the decision to find out the truth. I was being told that I was crazy, and that I was imagining everything. I was told that I was being lied to and none of the things that other people saw were legitimate. I confided in a very close friend of mine, told her the situation, and she helped me to remain level headed. If it wasn’t for her, I would have gone off the deep end. She assured me that I had more than enough reason to believe that something was very wrong. I took her advice, and bought a very small digital recording device and placed it in a strategic location. I had to know if I was imaging things for the sake of my own sanity. I was hoping to find out that there was nothing valid in all of the accusations against my husband and the OW. Well, the first time I used the recorder, I struck pay dirt. Finding out that I wasn’t crazy was very liberating. Armed now with knowledge, I took steps to ensure my survival and the survival of my family. By knowing details from private conversations, I was able to see how the OW was playing my husband. I was able to have insight. I knew how to react to certain circumstances, because I wasn’t taken by surprise. In short, I knew what was coming. Knowledge is power and that’s what helped me to keep my home intact. The most helpful thing was having one person that I could tell everything to. She tried her best to remain neutral and give me helpful advice. I did have other friends and relatives that wanted to help, but all they seemed to do was generate anger. They meant well, but it is not at all helpful to have people constantly calling you and telling you what a low down jerk your husband is and that you need to dump him. Keep details to yourself, and don’t volunteer information. Too many cooks can spoil the pie.

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